Top 10 Earning Apps Like Winzo — 2023

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7 min readMar 26, 2023
Top 10 Earning Apps Like Winzo - 2023

With the help of the Android software Winzo Gold, you may get money by playing games, taking quizzes, competing in tournaments, and inviting friends. There used to be a free version of the programme, but it has since been removed. Nowadays, earning money through best-earning apps like Winzo is becoming increasingly common as a growing number of people use games as a secondary source of income. Making money through games can be a viable choice, whether you want to do it as a full-time job or as a way to supplement your current income. Let’s first grasp the fundamental ideas behind how games are rewarded and the jargon that game developers use before diving further into top 10 apps like Winzo gold.

Why should you Choose The Best Apps like Winzo to Earn Money?

- High Earning Potential: In India, using gaming applications to make money can be quite rewarding. Many of the most well-liked gaming applications provide bonuses and awards for fulfilling objectives. These benefits can quickly accumulate and offer a reliable source of income.

- Flexible Hours: Gaming applications are excellent for people who want to work flexible hours. You are free to play the game whenever and for however long you like. This allows you to select when you wish to work, which can be extremely useful for professionals and students who have demanding schedules.

- Fun and Exciting: Using gaming applications is a terrific way to both have fun and earn money. It can be fun to play games, and the prizes might be very enticing.

- Easy to Use: The best apps like Winzo are typically simple to use and comprehend, making them ideal for users of all ages. As the majority of applications are free to download and use, they also need little financial outlay.

- Low Risk: As there is no requirement to make a sizable financial investment, gaming apps present a lower risk than other ways of making money. Without having to be concerned about the risks associated with investing, you can easily play the game and earn money.

Top 3 Earning App Like WinZo

S. NoFew Apps Like WinzoFoundedDownloadsRevenue1MPL2018 US$62 million2Dream 112008 US$340 million3Stick Pool Club20181M+ 4Loco201710M+ 5Hago

Top 10 Best Earning Apps Like Winzo Gold

1. MPL

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is India's largest eSports and mobile gaming platform

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is India’s largest eSports and mobile gaming platform

Users of the Mobile Premier League (MPL) online gaming platform can compete in esports competitions and win real money. The best earning app like Winzo provides skill-based activities, such as card games, racing, fantasy sports, and more. The platform is accessible throughout India and is offered as an app and website. Additionally, it has a referral programme where users can get paid for recommending their friends and relatives to the website. To provide its consumers with special benefits and discounts, MPL has partnered with a number of well-known companies.

TypePrivateIndustryOnline gamingFounded2018; 5 years agoFoundersSai Srinivas KiranShubham MalhotraHeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaArea servedIndia, Europe, USARevenue


₹499 crore (US$62 million) (FY 2020–21)Net income


(₹130 crore (US$16 million)) (FY 2020–21)OwnersGalactus Funware Technology Pvt. LtdNumber of employees800 (2021)

2. My11Circle

Users can construct their own teams and play against other users for actual cash prizes on the online fantasy sports platform My11Circle. The site provides a variety of game types, including fantasy football, kabaddi, and cricket. Additionally, it offers an intuitive user interface and sophisticated features like personalised leagues, leaderboards, and fast withdrawals.

My11Circle Lite Fantasy App

3. Dream11

Users of the Indian fantasy sports website Dream11 can participate in fantasy matches for basketball, kabaddi, hockey, and cricket. Players assemble a virtual squad of actual players, and they score points based on how well they do in actual matches. At the conclusion of a game or series, the user with the most points wins the competition. Users of Dream11 can also take part in paid competitions with cash prizes.

4. Rummy Circle

India-based Rummy Circle is a well-known online rummy gaming site. The object of this card game for two or more players is to place all of the cards in your hand in groups of three or more, either in a line or in groups of the same suit. Gamers can participate in online cash tournaments where they can face off against other players for actual cash prizes. The portal offers a large range of popular rummy formats, games, tournaments, and pool rummy, among others.

5. 8 Ball Pool

A smartphone game called 8 Ball Pool is said to be one of the best apps like Winzo gold. It was created and released by Miniclip. Millions of players from all around the world participate in the most prominent and well-liked pool game in the world. To put all 15 balls, including the black 8-ball, into the pockets is the goal of the game. There are numerous events, challenges, and leagues where gamers can compete against friends or other people.

6. PokerBaazi

A poker website called PokerBaazi is headquartered in India and offers a number of poker variants, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Cash games, competitions, and Sit & Gos are also available. PokerBaazi is the best-earning app like Winzo made to give users a safe and secure atmosphere. Additionally, it offers its participants awards and benefits.

7. Gamezy

Another best app like Winzo is Gamezy. The Gamezy app lets you make real money while playing games and fantasy sports, just like the latter. You can apply your abilities in a variety of games, like ludo, rummy, and others, to win real money. You can deposit prizes into your bank account or Paytm wallet using the Gamezy app. The minimum withdrawal amount from Gamezy is only Rs. 25. Also, you can recommend friends and receive a bonus payment of up to Rs. 1000.

8. Paytm First Games

The top Winzo substitute may be Paytm First Games. It is powered by a well-known company, Paytm, which ranks first in UPI transactions, and it provides a tonne of fun games that users may play to get money. By participating in tournaments run by the game’s proprietor, a player can make money here. Users can deposit their winnings into their bank accounts after winning a game.

9. Big Cash

Both Winzo and the Big Cash game app feature interfaces and game designs in common. One of the most specialised programmes for making real money while playing online games is the comprehensive Cash app. The user must participate in and win tournaments in this app, just like in many of the games mentioned above. If the user prevails in the competition, they will receive money that may be deposited into their bank account.

10. Hago

Hago is a fantastic multi-gaming app considered one of the best apps like Winzo gold. You can play at any moment with your loved ones, friends, or even complete strangers (online players). Although Hago has a lot of features, its live audio chat with friends function sets it apart.

Things to Remember while Gaming Online

- Establish limits: Choose in advance how much time and money you are ready to spend playing online games. Losses can result from investing too much money and/or emotion in the fun.

- Observe your play: Take frequent pauses and keep track of your playing time and financial expenditure.

- Keep your privacy: When playing online, take additional care with your personal details. Internet games are known for sucking up players’ private information. Make sure to play responsibly and for enjoyment only.

- Recognize scams: Whatever game you’re thinking about playing should be researched, and any shady behaviour should be avoided.

- Play for enjoyment; don’t let it replace other activities or turn into an obsession. Although it might be nice to make money through the best apps like Winzo gold, it should never become an addiction.

Which app is better than WinZO?

Many apps are doing better in Winzo series. Apps like Dream11, MPL are equally better as Winzo.

Is there any other app like WinZO?

Yes, there are more than 10 better apps than Winzo. The name of apps are Dream11, MPL, Rummy Circle etc.

Which game app is best to earn money?

Dream11 is a popular app to play and earn money.

Is WinZO better than MPL?

No, WinZo and MPL both are good in their league. Both apps have their own fan base.

What is the highest earning in WinZO?

₹29.4 Lakhs per year.

Is WinZO risky?

Yes, its risky.

How much can I earn from WinZO in 1 day?

You can earn Rs 25,000 daily. But it involves risk.

Is WinZO banned in India?

WinZo is partially banned in India. States of Assam, Odisha, Nagaland, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has banned WinZo.

To Sum Up

We can conclude by saying that a variety of best-earning apps like Winzo gold can be used to generate income. By using these apps, users can play a variety of games and earn real money, either in the form of cash or prizes. You may easily make some additional money and enjoy playing games with the aid of these applications. But, it’s crucial to keep in mind that there are risks associated with using these apps, so you should always exercise caution when playing online.

The top 10 apps like Winzo gold listed above are the finest if you’re seeking a gaming app with a variety of game kinds and earning opportunities.



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