Example of Proprietary Software | What is Proprietary Software

The Proprietary Software- Explained

There are two types of software available: open source software and closed source software. The main difference in both of the software types is the ownership. Open-source software is available for everyone on the internet. Any user can use this software after downloading their code. The users can also contribute to the open-source software and make changes to the code. The Linux kernel makes a perfect example of open-source software.

Proprietary or closed source software features

The features of the proprietary software are as follows:

Different Types Of The Proprietary Software

The different types of proprietary software are as follows.

Operating Systems

How Other Users Can Access The Closed Source Software-

Closed source software comes under the terms of a license agreement that restricts access to or modification of the source code to authorized users or organizations. In any other case, without permission, it is impossible to modify the structural element of the code.

Different types of Closed Software licenses

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of software available. one offers free-to-use services while the other can be paid for and requires a license for the installation.

Examples Of Properienty Software

This is the list of some programs that fall into this category of property software.

Disadvantages of The Property software

Along with the advantages, there are certain disadvantages of the software too. Which are as follows-



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