25+ Top Alternative To Metamask | Best Trusted Ethereum Wallet App Metamask Alternatives

What is Metamask Why Go Through its Competitors?

MetaMask is a crypto wallet for Ethereum-based tokens, particularly an instance you didn’t know. Users can connect with decentralized applications and trade through them. It allows you to purchase, sell, and deposit tokens on authorized exchanges.

Here is The List of Metamask Alternatives of 2022

  1. Trust Wallet
  1. Math Wallet
  1. Wallet Connect
  1. Fortmatic
  1. Portis
  1. Safepal
  1. Coinbase Wallet
  1. Coin98
  1. TokenPocket
  1. Binance Chain Wallet
  1. Brave Wallet
  1. Kaikas
  1. Torus
  1. Authereum
  1. Dapper
  1. Venly
  1. Bitski — Alternative Metamask
  1. Myether wallet
  1. Exodus — Best alternative to metamask
  1. Zengo Wallet

10 Best MetaMask Alternatives & Competitor Apps in 2022

  1. Exodus
  2. Ledger Nano S
  3. Coinbase Wallet
  4. Jaxx
  5. Trezor Wallet
  6. MyEtherWallet
  7. Trust Wallet
  8. Mycelium
  9. Electrum
  10. 1inch Wallet



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